we were born special
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hey, im selena and i love food and you but shhh...its a secret.
chill. i am not selena gomez this blog is for entertainment purposes only. .
→ Anonymous whispered : Hello there sexii ◕‿◕ one day....me and you iz going to have a unicorn togeder. omfg and me can be ur girlprend/boyprend watevr u want bby and i wud make u food n stuff dat make u feel guud ◕‿◕ lets run away togeder bby ◕‿◕

sounds interesting.


→ Anonymous whispered : Hey, can you tell me how you did your tumblr? :)

I logged in and made it.


filipe-ms whispered : remember me?

is that a joke?


truelovejelenur whispered : Remember me,Love?

is that a joke [2x]


ooc: sup guys! sorry for being off for so looooong. 1 month omg. but i was in hospital. got sick and blah blah blah but back again! hope you still wanna chat with me cuz i’ve missed ya all!

filipe-ms whispered : no i do more :D

→ Anonymous whispered : r u alive mamacita?

Yeess. My askbox is just empty…

filipe-ms whispered : i love you more ;D

noo, i love you more more more and more

→ Anonymous whispered : r u and jb broke up or

no, darling.

→ Anonymous whispered : u s o s e c u t e o n u r l a s t f o t o s h o o t raaawr :3

awwh i a m n o t

askchachiirene-deactivated20121 whispered : I'm a new Chachi ask account :) would you mind giving me a promo? thank you!

go follow O-L-I-V-I-A

filipe-ms whispered : well i fell so alone, I wish u were here every single moments with me, i mean i love talking with u, every single friend of mine knows about my mamacita (you) and they think that im crazy because i love you like you were my sis and ... i donno i just fell all alone :/

awwh baby. you’re not alone. I am always here, always with you. and don’t worry, just try to do not pay attention what others think. i love you♥

→ Anonymous whispered : if you will ever leave this blog, will u give it away , that someone can answer the questions??

ooc: i will never ever ever ever leave this blog, darling.

filipe-ms whispered : ahhaah great :D im just having a hard time here wish u were here mamacita ..

any problems love?